My current mission is to investigate life and connect all it’s conclusions together. There is so much information out there about how to live, how to think, what to believe. I need to be able to make sense of it all by myself, so I can make my own final conclusion and whence lead my own life and be an example for future children, and their children.

Every single person on this Earth has a powerful asset which is the mind. But the mind is all so precious and there are so many different factors out to capture it! This is why so many people get confused in their identity, fall into a depression, feel pressured…there is too much noise and I want to sort through it.

I want to connect the dots of my discoveries so that it all makes sense, rather than being just an amalgam of knowledge. One of my discoveries is that:

“You are your beliefs”

So in order to clearly define who I am, I must be clear on what my beliefs are. This blog will be a display of my thoughts, conclusions and connections about the varying complexes and simplicities of life. For anyone who is intrigued by this, feel free to have a read, think of your own conclusions and start connecting the dots of life with me.