Recognizing Change

My sister told me that we were not so close before I left for Uni, and this information really broke my heart, because we’re so close now I couldn’t imagine not having been this close to her before. She also said that once I punched her in the stomach and she flew backwards! (Sorry Amy!) I really have no recollection of this memory! I am patient and impatient at the same time in different scenarios, but violence is not something I would associate with myself.

Sometimes, when I talk to friends who knew me years ago they would tell me something about me back then and I would say “REALLY?”, I would be in so much shock or amazement that, that was who I was. Has this ever happen to you? Has someone ever recalled a memory of you that you have no recollection of? I was thinking about this further and this was my conclusion:

The traits you loved you kept, the traits you hated you removed.

We all transform, well some or many of us, transform, for better or for worse. We re-invent ourselves and create who we want to be, or who we did not want to be. The person we are today is not the person we were 5 years ago, 10 years ago or even 20 years ago. So much so, that unwanted traits, may have actually been totally rid of and forgotten about.

As for the behaviours and actions you still carry on with today, you would have subconsciously or consciously, wanted them to continue. For example, sometimes, when I am doing work or some other action like wrapping presents on the floor, my right foot is spread out at about a 40-degree angle, whilst my left leg is folded inwards, to make the shape of your thumb and index finger spread out. I did not even realise I sat like this until it was pointed out to me. I then realized that I had always sat like this since I was a toddler when I watched an old video of myself. I was about age 4, and I was walking over with my bowl of food to sit down on the floor in-front of the TV, guess how I was sitting? It was exactly how I sit now! I couldn’t believe it! Even how I stood up from the floor, is just the same now! It was quite astonishing to see.

You will not recognize your transformation or similarities unless you have a look into the past. Those old videos, pictures, friends and family members, can help you recall who you once were, so you can see who you are now.

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