Goal-setting: Make the Future, the Past.

This is one of the best pieces of advice I have heard, ever. Most of us make goals and work to achieve them. But to visualize them as if they have been achieved, is something else. Laura Vanderkam says we should write next year’s performance review now. She poses the question:

“What 3-5 things did you do that made it [your future year] so amazing?”

She has literally made the future, the past! Wow!

Video: How to gain control of your free time, Laura Vanderkam.

Setting the Goals

Further divide the goals into categories, to make 3-5 goals of each:

·         Personal

·         Relationships

·         Career

And of course, make the goals SMART:

·         Specific

·         Measurable

·         Achievable

·         Realistic

·         Time-bound

The Jim Carey Example

Jim Carey wrote himself a check of $10m USD, and gave himself a maximum of 5 years to make that check a reality. By thanksgiving of 1995 he made it a reality. Whether you call it the law of attraction, faith or belief, or something else, seeing it as if it is already done is a whole new game.

Enjoy the videos, enjoy planning and have a…


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