Unlocking your potential

Last weekend, after an evening of feeling sad and defeated by family issues I began the morning by watching an Evan Carmichael video which lead me to a TED talk about finding your one word by Lily Ma [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBiHeMspm1U]. After watching this talk I took her advice and wrote down my favourite book, favourite movie, teacher and people and I looked for the commonalities. I then done the same thing for things which I hate, mainly this came from the traits which I hate in people. And this lead me to the conclusion of potential! For the commonalities in things I love, the key feature was I love people who love, whether this be love and respect themselves, love and appreciate life, and love others. The things I despise include liars and people who put others down. These tactics act to diminish one’s potential, whilst the opposite side unlocks his or her potential. This lead me to think of my all-time favourite movie, KUNG FU PANDA! That day I proceeded to watch all three Kung Fu Panda movies and I took notes. I chose to watch the movies because Kung Fu Panda is all about reaching your own potential. This would hopefully guide me through my emotions from feeling sad to discovering something which I needed to find to help me with my other project, my book!

More recently I had anther discussion about human intelligence and whether it is a result of nature or nature. I did not want to believe that it is at all a component of your biology. Most people say it a mixture of both, but the case is still being researched. Most people will say the majority of you is your environment and only a small percentage of you is your biology. Let’s make the case that this is true, then we would breed mathematicians by pairing mathematicians together. The same with the greatest scientists of all time, and medical doctors. We would all be specialists in a particular field because we were designed and predetermined to be the best in our specialisms. This takes away the human factor of being but instead creates living machines. This takes on the traditional psychological argument that there are simply some people “born” to be leaders, they are assigned a certain prestige in life, the middle and upper class if you will, predominately these are “blessed” with the intelligence to be our world leaders, and “look after” the “rest of us”.  These leaders have lead us into wars. These great economists have lead us into world recessions. Furthermore, the richest countries today, the first world, created their wealth off the wealth and resources of other countries which they have the audacity to call the third world!

Saying that one’s intelligence is even slightly down to their biology puts weight on their potential. Intelligence comes from the Latin word intelligere which means to perceive. Perception is a result of thought. We all think differently and we can CHANGE how we think.

What can put you down is anything which tells you that you are not good enough, and creates a blocking system or narrows your scope of THOUGHT. For example, school results which say that you can only achieve this and you are worth this so you should get a job like this. Or asymmetric information which does gives you a one-sided view of history. History lessons which teach that your skin colour represents slavery. Rather than telling you the Ancient Egyptians were black with amazing mathematical skill to compose great pyramids at ridiculous angles and ridiculous heights all without the help of a machine! A picture painted to tell you that you do not have the capacity to do something because your genes unfortunately limit you, or because of the colour of your skin limits you, or because of your financial situation limits you, is what you should be aware of.

|When man knows no limit, who knows what man will achieve! |

Back to Kung Fu Panda.

Po is a panda who grew up with a Dad of a goose. He sold noodles for a living and was obese, as pandas are! He was the least likely to become the greatest warrior. His goose Dad encouraged him to set out to be the next owner of the restaurant, just as he was, and his father and so on. Yet Po, loved Kung Fu. He really, really loved Kung Fu. That is all he ever thought of. He was sad to think his destiny would only be a takeover of the restaurant. Po had dreams of what he wished he could be and certainly knew what he did not want. But when he was told he was the next Dragon warrior, he refused to believe it. He had fear, but mastered the courage to transform it into faith, with the help of some motivation. He was advised to let go of the concern of what was or what will be, but simply to work hard now! He listened. He did not know where he came from and this did not matter. He had been given a job, a responsibility, might I add one he has always wished for, and he set his mind to fulfil it. What also helped him was that he did not have an education system which he had to adhere to. He was taught by a master who was able to adapt to a way which would give him the optimum learning experience, as this is how he best learned something. [Sometimes, a student may not perform as well as another simply because they cannot learn the same way.] Throughout the movies, Po transformed himself. How? By listening, learning, thinking and then creating. He did not try to embody someone else, but simply tried to be the best version of himself. He unlocked his full potential by dreaming, believing, listening and acting.

Below are the notes I made when watching Kung Fu Panda, and some have helped re-shape the structure of my soon to come book. THANK YOU KUNG FU PANDA!

[Please bear in mind these are notes, so spelling and grammar was not my concern.]

Kung Fu Panda 1

  • He dreamed about doing something MORE than just serving people noodles!


  • One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it!

o   the book victor frankl – he said he’d rather let fate take its course than mess with it

  • nothing is impossible
  • there are no accidents
  • even though Shifu tried to put him down, Po kept on going!
  • And yes he got upset – but Master Oogway was there to listen and motivate him
  • Too concerned with what WAS and what WILL BE – just think about NOW!
  • Shifu did not train Po the conventional way – he used what Po likes best to train him – FOOD!

Kung Fu Panda 2

  • Inner peace
  • It’s not your beginning which makes you who you are, it is who you choose to be now.

Kung Fu Panda 3

  • The more you take, the less you have
  • It was never my destiny to stop you, I have set another on that path
  • If you only do what you can do you will never be more than you are now
  • Master Oogway sat in the cave for 35 years asking who am I?
  • I’m trying to turn you into you
  • He went on a path to discovery
  • Sometimes we do the wrong thing for the right reasons
  • Past and future – both sides of the ying and yang
  • I’m a son, a student, a teacher – all of them


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