“Juice” & Value

I was scrolling down my Instagram feed when I came across a scene from a film called Juice starring 2Pac. As a fan of 2Pac I was surprised as to how I hadn’t seen it yet. I had no idea what it was going to be about but due to loyalty I said I would watch it anyway. When I finally reached the end of the movie I said “is that it?!” I didn’t like it and I was disappointed. The reason I didn’t like it is because it had a sad ending. As I went to bed the last few words struck me: “now you got the juice”.

Pondering over this, everything came together and I decided I did like it. 2Pac played the character of Bishop. He was in a small gang with his three friends which skipped school and gallivanted the streets, stealing things and running away from the police. Bishop complained about his position in society saying that him and his crew were losers. They finally got hold of a gun and the first time Bishop shot someone he felt the “juice”. And he kept on shooting people, like it was nothing.

A few Lessons

  1. Responsibility

Bishop was someone who did not attach value to life and so did not care of the consequences of his actions. This could stem from the feeling of being powerless, especially as a witness of suffering in his own household. He had no one to inspire him to be the person to make the change or no information that he could be that person. But then of course he ignored this opportunity by ignoring education, which could have supported him with guidance and options. Therefore, you can argue that Bishop was either lazy or DID NOT WANT THE RESPONSIBILITY.

  1. Your Friends

| Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are |

Bishop chose to have friends who wanted to waste time. These people would be the perfect complement to the lack of value he placed on himself. Their pointless activities were a good distraction for someone who did not want to think about solving their problems.

  1. The Juice

The person who feels dangerous with a gun is dangerous. It is too easy to kill with a device designed to make it easy to kill.

Important lesson!

Value is extremely important. Bishop was able to kill even his own friends because he did not see the VALUE in himself or in them.

Pop Quiz

When you cross the road, and a car is fast approaching, do you run across or do you take your time?

For those who take their time, why don’t you run? Is the answer linked to your self VALUE?

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  1. I would say from birth. I believe that as long as you are here, then you had a reason to be here. This stems from the idea that every cause has an effect. So if you didn’t NEED to be here, you wouldn’t have been born.


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