What to do when you are frustrated

It is not about raising my vibration if I am in a low vibration state. This is what we are told to do. To get pumped, to force yourself to get in the zone. But it is necessary to analyse and think about WHY you are in that state.

Now that I have written my thoughts down I was able to clear off my frustration and bring clarity back to myself.

What to do if you have time

I had a plan to meet with a friend. And I do not want to meet my friend in a low vibrational state. I had two options: get myself out of the state or cancel the appointment and think about why I was in that state.

In order to get myself out of the state quickly, I would have to supress the feeling or brainwash myself into a state of pretence.

So motivational speakers might advise you to:

  • Shout as loud as you can
  • Repeat something positive to yourself (positive affirmations)
  • Do some star jumps on the spot
  • Listen to some uplifting, energetic music

Something along those lines at least, in order to wake you up in a sense and allow you to pretend until you forget about the state you were in.

Why should you forget? You must be one with yourself. If you do not feel like YOU then the best thing you can do is investigate WHY you are feeling unlike yourself. The clarity gain after the investigation is what will set you free. If you go with the route of suppression then you are putting a part of YOURSELF in a prison cell in order for the cloned self to go out and perform at the circus show.

What to do if you don’t have time

But what if you do not have the time to think because you have a presentation and you must be on form for the presentation?  This was the case Tony Robbins was talking about. He had a job to do which required him to be a certain way.

Maybe you are a children’s story teller you have to be good at acting. But on a certain day you do not feel like acting because you are extremely sad. You have a dilemma: you do not want to miss a day of class with the kids, but at the same time you do not to pass on your mood onto the kids. So, what do you do?

If you decide to go into work, for the sake of the kids you would have to put that part of yourself away in prison and pretend just so that they get the same experience you usually give them. But not for long. As soon as you have the time you must let yourself out. If you keep the sad or frustrated feeling supressed somewhere your clone is performing rather than the real you.

I would write down or set a reminder to think about it at a certain time, of how I am feeling in my sad state and at what point I began to feel this way, in order to discover the cause of the feeling. When you know the cause, you can free yourself of the feeling.  I just keep asking why, why, why until I get to the final why.


    • That would depend on how much time you allocate yourself to thinking about it, how deep and complicated the issue is and how willing you are to explore all the variables “why” could lead you down.


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