Tailor-made fits Best!


I had a plan to go and do a bit of work, iron my clothes, go to the gym and then go to the library with a friend and do some more work on my book. My day actually began by watching some Evan Carmichael’s content on YouTube. I watched the video called Mindset motivation: 5 Ways to train your MINDSET. If you watch that video notice what Tony Robbins says at 5 minutes. He says:

“… because I was poor I changed my mindset, I kept doing things but I never got beyond it. I’d say God’s wealth is circulating in my life, his wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance, all my needs desires and goals are met instantaneously by infinite intelligence for I am one with God and God is everything.”

As soon as he mentioned God, I was thinking why is he talking about God for? He is a motivational speaker, so why is he even mentioning the word God? This triggered my mood which lead to write my first article called “stop throwing the word god around”.

After that tension was released I went to do some ironing and my vibration was still low. I didn’t go gym and instead had an early lunch and watched some more YouTube videos in order to relax. I watched a video of some two young bloggers giving advise to those who asked for it, whilst drinking wine in a mug, I guess for extra entertainment. One piece of advice given to their viewers was not to have a boyfriend or be involved with boys until you were 21, or even 25. This advice is sound as it is a conclusion which they have created from their own experience. But then if I was to listen to this advice that is to say I should not be in a relationship now. That would mean Gillian and Donald who got married in their 20’s who have been celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary wouldn’t be celebrating that.

This made me think. These people are called influencers for a reason. An influencer is defined as the capacity to have an effect on the character, development or behaviour of someone (or something) else [BING search results]. The aim of marketing is to influence someone to do something, in most cases to buy a certain product. Marketing therefore is all about taking captive of your brain, your body’s control centre; your behaviour.

My frustration comes from (young) people not knowing who they are, what life is about, what their next big life decision will be and so on and so forth, and this innocence making us a sweet and easy target for our parents, advertising campaigns, social media to shape the course of our lives.

A lot of the time we are told a conclusion which someone has created based off their experience. This is their truth, but not yours. It is therefore your responsibility and in your best interests to also analyse what they have said and decide what you want to be truth to you.

Besides there is no such ANYTHING which is one size fits all.

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