Stop throwing the word “GOD” around.

People throw the word God around as if everyone believes in God or everyone should believe in God. And to some degree it is frustrating because it has some dear consequences.

The way the world is set up at the moment can be explained via a ladder. You may know this ladder as the ladder of success. On this ladder those at the top of the ladder are those with the most amount of wealth and influence over the rest of the people. These people may include motivational speakers, religious leaders, those in the entertainment industry, business leaders and so on.

Our education system holds the infrastructure which coincides with the idea that success is monetary. It has a system which says in order to have the best chance of living a good life you must get a degree which will open the window of opportunity for you to climb this imaginary ladder of success. We, the world, listen to this and we follow.

Now this is what happens when the word “God” gets thrown into the equation. If a successful or influential person talks about God, they are either intentionally or unintentionally telling the majority that this deity is one crucial factor needed in one’s life to make it to the top.

And to some degree this is understandable because God could have been the hope which kept them going when they were feeling low in their pursuit of success. But that is exactly the bit which needs to be made clear.

What does God mean to you?

God has a different meaning to different people. As people explore their own path to discovering what God means to them, they may find that God is the ULTIMATE factor which they need, and some may choose to devoutly live only for God!  With such a lifestyle change they may begin practising and performing rituals a certain amount of times a day, dressing a certain way, abstaining from music and indulgence, so and so forth, even towards the extremes of being willing to sacrifice their life in the name of God. The word God can be therefore used to harm others and used as a fear mechanism. So, to the person who speaks and preaches about God, you have a responsibility to be clear about who or what you are talking about.

The idea of God has been grounded as a principle of certainty in our society. But in actuality this “truth” is an idea that is changes shape in different cultures, changes history depending on the story, definition and name depending on who defines it.

So please stop throwing the word God around.


  1. Some people might sacrifice their life literally, i.e. suicide, in the name of God. Some others in other ways, such as giving up work to only “work for the Lord” by evangelizing for example, which has no revenue stream and which can lead to a loss in income and the consequences which follow onward.


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